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Vintage Smudge Bundle

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Bring in the good energy and clear out the negative with this smudge bundle. 

Display and use your bundle on this amazing vintage  hand painted plate by Nippon. 

each bundle includes a selenite rod, white sage bundle, palo santo stick, + lotka paper incense ropes, and palo Sanyo incense cones. 

selenite dispels negative energy, enhances clarity + focus creating a clam space. Our selenite is ethically sourced in Mexico. 

sage smudging cleans a space of negative energy while promoting healing and generate wisdom. Our sage is ethically sourced in California. 

palo santo cleanses a space and wards off evil spirits. Our palo santo is ethically sourced in Peru. 

lotka paper is Tibetan rope incense. It is used to release stress, depression and tension, as well as a tool to get in touch with the inner and outer mystery along with meditation and spiritual practice. Made by hand in Nepal with traditional medical technique. A sacred scent from the Lumbini temple in Nepal.