Mini Concrete Vessel - Black

Mini Concrete Vessel - Black

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This collection of modern concrete vessels are the perfect storage solution for practically any room in your home. The modern design is bold but understated, and its smooth finish is luxurious to the touch. The mini vessel is the perfect size for all your small essentials. It makes a great votive candle holder, or to store q-tips or toothpicks. 


We all have everyday items that seem to get scattered around the house no matter how hard you try to keep them in the same place. That was where the idea started. A simple, beautiful object that can store almost anything imaginable, but made from something substantial and unique. The shape was inspired by an icosahedron, which is a geometric shape made up of 20 equilateral triangles. The shape was manipulated and crafted it into a functional and beautiful vessel while keeping true to its modern geometric design.


  • Outside: 2.5" D x 3" H
  • Inside: 2.25" D X 2.25" H


  • Material: Concrete, pigment, marble dust, water
  • Color: Bone
  • Collection: Icosahedron
  • Made in the USA
  • Decorations not included 
  • Sold individually 


  • Use warm water to wash and a dry, soft cloth to dry. 
  • Avoid abrasive scrubs or sponges, as this can cause scratches on the surface.
  • Avoid chemical cleaners as they will break down and degrade the existing sealant over time.